This keeps coming up clients talking to me about feeling like they can’t breathe, they feel lost and keep being overwhelmed by the stuff on their to-dos, the needs and wants of other and the grief and heartaches they are personally going through.

We all need time to heal and take care of ourselves and actually taking that time is necessary – now

Not tomorrow – not next year – NOW

Yep you are a mess and so am I – not all the time but I need time to rest and recover, to hear myself think – just to unplug really.

When I embarked on my journey as a coach to talk about the importance of self-care and self-love late 2019 as I wanted to help people realising this was something key to function and thrive, and that we all deserve it.

I wanted women to understand that time for them was well spent and the ripple effect on the people surrounding them would be immense, liberating and a source of Joy…

At that point, I had no idea. No idea at all about what was about to hit us collectively in every corner of the world. And almost 2 years later we are still in it.

Normal is NOT the norm (never was – but it was easy to pretend – and some people still want to)

Normal means uncertain, having to adapt every day, acknowledging our humanity in whatever rawness it comes to us

And living with the raft of emotions, juggles and to-dos that goes with it

Leaving us feeling out of breath, exhausted and yet still going on – still going through the motion and feeling depleted.

STOP – Let’s start breathing again

Here are 3 things you can do now to get started:

  1. Actually BREATHE – take a few deep breadth every time you feel your brain getting into overload and be fully conscious of the air going in when you breathe in and the air coming out when you breathe out. Focus on the rhythm of your breath and how your rib cage and belly expand and contract when you are breathing.
  2. Do at least one thing you like each day – something you choose – you can start small – reading a book, making your favourite tea, painting, cooking , dancing. Once you create that habit, you can start  doing new things. The most important is starting to get into the habit of doing something for you – that YOU choose – not anyone else.
  3. Spend time in nature and notice nature around you – it is now well documented that spending time in nature is good for you: it reduces your cortisol level – the stress hormone among other things… It helps feel grounded and more connected to your surrounding as well as improve your mood and self-esteem. So find nature around you, whether that’s taking time to look at the sky, the clouds and their shapes, walking in a park or a forest,  watching the waves or smelling flowers.

These are 3 simple steps to get you back into a habit of self-care but this is just the beginning.

So if you need help reconnecting to yourself and want to improve your self-care – get in touch at or check our website