I like seating under a tree – enjoying the shade and hearing the sounds of rustling leaves ? ? ? in the breeze. I like looking above and seeing how majestic those branches are, reaching for the sky and the light – no matter what. And if you visit the same spot, month on month, year on year, you can see the changes. During the seasons, seeing new growth in spring, new fruits in summer, leaves being lost in Autumn and being bare in the winter almost sleeping, preparing for the spring and coming back stronger.

It got me thinking… What can we learn from trees? What can we apply to our own growth, challenges and also learn how to nurture ourselves.

As you are reading and listening to the rest of this article, you may want to have a paper to write on so you can write what comes to mind when you channel your inner tree ? or maybe even you will be standing barefoot channeling your inner tree ?.

  • Ground yourself

The roots of a tree take as much part as what you can see above ground. This made me think about what support as human beings,   wether this is people, things we do on a daily basis ( getting food/ water, sleep, exercise so we can be the humans we are meant to). Love and community can also be considered as vital to ground us and keep as sane. So what and who in your life right now help you stay grounded? Do you have enough? What else can help you be grounded?

  Stand tall and Keep growing

Looking at a tree standing tall, I am always amazed that they will keep going up and looking for the light wether they are close to another tree. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I have felt either lack of confidence or motivation I forget I can stand tall and that I am tall. My spine and legs like a trunk, my arms reaching out. So what will you reach up and out for? Stand up if you can, stand tall with your arms reaching up, close your eyes and think about what standing tall means to you and what you can do more of to make it a reality in your life.

  • Time to rest and be ready for new growth

Like a tree in winter with no leaves, getting ready for the next season, we do need to rest, take time off to be able to come back and grow again with new shoots/ new ideas. Rest allows your brain and your body to recover so  you are ready for a new day. So how much rest do you get? Not just sleep, but moment of rests from social media, negative news and in general finding rest in the activities you do like walking, reading a book or reconnecting with Nature around you.

  • Learn to adapt like Nature does 

This is a video from Summer 2020 about a walnut tree reduced to nothing and making a come back… How will you apply this to your life? when challenge comes along how do you adapt, assess and plan for recovery?


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