4 tips to help quiet your mind

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I have been sharing some tips with a few of my coachees. I thought they may also help you to quiet some of the voices in your head or even that never ending to do list that stops you to focus or sleep at times.

Will these work for you for sure? I don’t know but try at least one or two for 1 to 2 weeks. Then decide if it works for you. Be curious, adapt the tips to fit into your routine but give it a try.

I can hear your inner critic’s voice from here – thank him/ her for the contributions but this time you are in charge. And if one day you forget to do any of it, that’s ok, not to worry try again the next day. You are human this is something to celebrate.

Read on and give it a try.

Use a note book …

Two ways to use paper to download what his in your brain

  • At the end of everyday, write down all the the to-dos you have in your head. Whether it is work or household matters,  put it on paper so it     doesn’t clutter your mind. if it is on paper it is captured an out of your head.
  • If what is in your head worries you, you can schedule worry time, the same time each day ( about 30mins) to write down all the things that worry you. But only use this time during the day to worry. No other time.
Practice Gratitude

More writing…

The idea about the gratitude journal is to write down 3 things you are grateful for that day each night before going to bed. They can be big or small – anything from actually sitting down for lunch to your child 1st steps, or even sunshine! You can review these the next morning to remind you of the good things that are happening in your life. Keep a notebook next to your bed, with a pen inside so you can remember to do it and not have to run after pen and paper.

Take Time to breathe

I know you are doing this without noticing but this time. Breathe and notice what you are doing.  You can try the 7/11 method, e.g. breathe in on the count of 7 and breathe out on the count of 11. Do at least 5 breaths. Why breathing helps calm you down? Deep breathing activates a natural bodily response that can be described as ‘rest and digest’ ( compare to the flight/ fright mode stress leads to). You can do a deep breathing exercise as often as you need. Before a stressful event or as you go to sleep to quiet your mind.

Connect with Nature

Go for a walk in Nature and notice the signs of Spring. Listen to the birds, look at the trees and how they stand tall reaching for the sky and ready for the new season. Be present to your surroundings. What can you learn about Nature around you? Ground yourself in your surroundings, like a tree does or look how Nature adapts and you can learn for your everyday life.


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