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When you make it happen help professional women and teams thrive.

It all starts with you: how you interact

with the people, the community and your workplace.

What I do


When you make it happen help professional women and teams thrive.

Starting with you and how you interact with the people, the community and your workplace and how you interact.

What is happening through you? How does the way you shop up impact the people around you? Who is stoping you to do what you really want? What is your next step to be at your best? Where do you want to be in 5 years time? How does this impact the teams you work with?

Coaching helps gain clarity, set your vision or goals and help you define the right path to achieve the changes you want. The coaching process also leads to increased confidence, reduced stress and empowerment.

Coaching allows to support you on your journey to change at work or at home. Our coaching process will help you identify and achieve personal or professional goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment.

I am Gwen Deloux, the lead coach at When you make it happen. I am passionate about uncovering how we show up impact how we interact with the people around us – our loved ones – as well as our workplace and community.

My coaching approach has been described as supportive, inquisitive, enthusiastic, allowing to create a safe space to think through challenges, share emotions and achieve goals.

I believe everyone has the resources to realise their potential. I champion my clients on their journey. I am pragmatic and will help shape strategies to implement the changes my client aims to see.

I am trained and certified as an executive coach by the AOEC (Practitioner Diploma), has followed the Thinking Partnership Foundation course and is a resilience practitioner. She is a member of the ICF and the EMCC and receives supervision. After a foundation course, I am currently doing a Practitioner course in Systemic coaching with GCTI.

Some coaches may have studied counselling, psychology or related subjects, but our coaches do not act as a therapist, counsellor, or health care provider.  Psychological intervention lies outside the scope of life and executive coaching. We will always recommend to seek this type of professional help if you need to as this is outside the scope of our work.


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