Are you grounded?

by | Mar 7, 2021 | Coaching, Stress, Wellbeing

Are you grounded?

At the moment – literally – some of us do feel like we are grounded, as in punished and not able to go anywhere…But that’s not the grounded I want to talk about.

I would like to talk about the kind of grounding we experience where we are in the moment, where you feel in control and when you can manage what you have to do without your mind highjacking your being…

Signs you are not grounded:

  • if you are stressed, have a racing mind, can’t concentrate or feel like you can’t get to the bottom of that to-do list
  • maybe if you are angry or loose your temper easily
  • you feel tense
  • you are numbing yourself with mindless activities ( scrolling…)

This could be signs you need more grounding in your life.

What can you do to be more grounded?

Grounding is about keeping you mind and body working together – Being more grounded helps relieves stress. Grounding techniques include tuning in with your senses to strengthen the mind-body connection and be present in the here and now.   So here are a few I have tried:

  • Stretch:
    • Stretch your body for a few minutes, and think about how you feel when you are doing it – do not force anything or go beyond what you can do – try to stretch both your upper and lower body.
  • Tighten all your muscles and then release
    • This can be done for a few minutes, sitting on a chair, tighten all the muscles in your body ( gently though, do not hurt yourself)  and feel the sensations linked to that, then release all the tensions, breathe and feel the difference in your body. You can do that a few times over a few minutes. Don’t forget to keep breathing when you tighten all your muscles!
  • Visualise a place you love:
    • Think about a place you love to be. Close your eyes and visualise yourself there: the textures, the smells, the noise, what you see and who you are with. Immerse yourself in the scene for a few minutes.
  • Walk barefoot in Nature
    • Whether it is barefoot in the grass or a one a beach, walk and feel what your feet are feeling and feel the connection through your feet to the world around you.
  • Deep Breathing:
    • Yes, I know  – if you read my blog regularly this is one of my favourite techniques! – I think it is a really quick thing to do and it is known to lower your heart rate so in turn to quiet the racing ( in your heart and head). You can also be present to the air going into your nostrils whether hot or cold or if you cannot feel any difference. Another thing to try while breathing is to notice the rise and fall of your belly. You can breathe in on the count of 7 and release on the count of 11 (you can start by 5 / 8 – but breathe out longer than you breathe in)
  • Stroke a pet
    • if you have a pet, spend some time stroking them and enjoying the connection you have with them.

Some techniques can be done very easily in a few minutes so you can do them throughout the day. Some may take more planning. So think a bout how this fits into your routine and when you need to schedule some of those.

Give it a try – will it be perfect no- but as they say – get it started – give yourself some grounding time.

If any of these bring back painful events of your life, you may want to ask for help within your community or to a health professional ( GP, etc…) Please do not delay asking for help or talking to someone you trust.



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