Caring for yourself, celebrating and more!

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Coaching, Resilience, Self-care, Tips

How are you doing this week?

This week was children mental health awareness week and the 4th was world cancer day. Every time there are days or weeks like these, it usually reminds me of the things I am not doing about self-care or the things I should do more of…

Let’s take a step back and celebrate:

  • What are you already doing when it comes to your own self-care?
  • What time are you already taking for you throughout the day or at the end of the day?
  • What do you do to replenish?

I am sure if you make a list there will be a few things on it and that’s worth celebrating. ?

Once you have done that, let’s move on to next steps!

  • What are three things you have put off doing that would really help your self-care?
  • What are the health checks you have put off doing that you will talk to your GP about (even if it is online)? Don’t delay
  • Find someone you can talk to as well a friend/ partner if you have something that is bothering you (this is part of building your support system) so it is out and you can talk it through rather than ruminate it for days on end…( talking things through help your mental health).

A bit of food for thoughts for you.

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