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by | Sep 26, 2019 | Coaching, Tips

“Oh you are a coach… what kind of coach are you? Life, career, business?”

This is probably the most asked question when you mention you are a coach. And I don’t like it, not because I can’t answer it but because I don’t see coaching as siloed.
I coach Humans…I don’t believe in living your life at the door when you go to work or living work at the door when you go home at night. It doesn’t work that way in our brains.

We have ONE life and we choose to do different things with it. Being passionate and content about the choices we make is what matters.

That’s why I started ” When you make it happen” to help women who feel like their busy life has become a juggle between work/ kids, the passion and commitments they have, leaving them feeling breathless and a bit lost.

Helping someone find what really matters to them and facilitate the changes they want to bring in their life is where I come in.

I have been there as a working mum of 3 with lots of interests (too many?).

What matters to me is to facilitate getting you to the place you want to be (calm after being overwhelmed, managing stress and emotions better, new job, happy family, time to take care of yourself…)
I want to see you thrive and find the solutions that work for your life and your values. I believe change is possible, you have the keys inside you.  I will support and be your cheerleader as you go through your journey.

so here are 3 tips to choose a coach for you :

  • Do your homework:
    • Check who they are, what they offer and what their training and qualifications are.
    • Look online at their presence – How does it resonate with you? Do you like their style? Do you like what they say? Do you think they will help you in your journey of change?
  • Take advantage of the discovery call:
    • A discovery call is usually free and it is an opportunity for you to have a discussion with your coach and check what it feels like to interact with them.
    • Ask about their coaching style and any tools/ technique or process they may follow.
    • Confidentiality:  what are the boundaries? What coaching code of conduct do they follow?
  • Ask them about how you will work together:
    • Face to face or virtually.
    • The type of package / number of sessions they would recommend and the cost.

You want to be able to trust your coach on your journey of change. You want someone you are comfortable with to challenge and support you on that journey.

Any questions?

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I am Gwen, the lead coach at When you make it happen.  Are you feeling stuck or have a challenge you want to think through in your life or career? Book a free possibility session to talk about what you need and how I can help you.

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