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Everyday we are pulled in different directions, and the last 2 years are taking a toll on us.

Join this 6 week program to help you go from overwhelm to calm and in control. 

This way, you can be more present to do the things you want and to the people who matter in your life. 

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About the 6 weeks course

This is a chance for you to go from overwhelm to calm & in control, to get tools and approaches to use everyday and when things get tougher...

In 6 weeks, we will cover:

- How to reconnect with Nature to get inspired, be calmer and grounded

- How to reconnect with yourself and leverage this knowledge to map your needs and develop a self-care routine that works for you.

- Learn techniques to help recognise and manage your stress.

All this in a friendly and supportive environment, where you can share your experience, get guidance from your coach and learn.

The program starts on the 12th of November.

What's included

A 15 mins laser session with me before the start of the program to review your intentions for the duration of the course
Worksheets to capture your thoughts and notes from the live sessions 
6 live group sessions from the 12th November 2021 to work on each of the topics, ask questions, and get coached through challenges.
Access to a FB group to share your thoughts, your progress and get support as you apply the work we do in the live sessions.
A 30 mins 1-on-1 close-out session at the end of the program to use as a mini coaching and feedback session. 
A few more surprises... including a goody bag on completion of the course and some special live sessions with guests.

About your Coach

Gwen Deloux

Coach & Founder, When you make it happen

Gwen believes that without taking care of yourself you cannot be present to the people you love and the work you want to do. It is about putting your oxygen mask on first before anyone else's.

Gwen champions her clients on their journey. Gwen is pragmatic and will help shape strategies to implement the changes you want to see. Her coaching approach has been described as supportive, inquisitive, enthusiastic, allowing to create a safe space to think through challenges, share emotions and achieve goals.

Gwen is trained and certified as an executive coach by the AOEC (Practitioner Diploma), has followed the Thinking Partnership Foundation course and is a resilience practitioner. 

What you'll gain from the program:

Know yourself better and how stress affects you

Sometimes we are so caught up in what we do that we do not notice the signs in us. This is a unique opportunity to pause and tune-in to ourselves.  

Learn strategies to help you define what self-care works for you

Each of us are different and our self-care routine will be unique to us. Define what works for you based on your personality and what you need.

Leverage Nature around you as an ally for your self-care

Nature is everywhere if we look. So how can we use its beauty and benefits to our wellbeing to increase our wellbeing.

So are you ready to make yourself a priority?

Learning Time: everyday and 15-30 mins preparation for the live sessions each week
Coaching & Implementation group session: 1h live per week  (from the 12th November to the 17th December included)
A 15min 1-on-1 session with me to spell out your intentions for the program
You become one of the pioneer and get to feedback on your experience to shape any future programs. 
You will be an active participant in the program and have to do the work - but you will see the benefits in your life!

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