Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
Anthony J D’Angelo

This week, Monday 21st September was international Peace day and also world gratitude day…

It got me thinking about how I / each of us can find peace especially in these weird times, even a little moment of it. To collect our thoughts, to rest, to replenish, to heal… and how to cultivate and build these little moments so they become habits. If you are reading my blog or view my videos maybe you have realised that this is something I mention a lot – becoming aware of what is happening to us in our bodies, emotionally and what affects us in our lives.

Stress, change of routines impact how we react, how we lead our lives, how we make choices and what we want or can to focus on. This is something I have realised, while juggling work/ children, volunteering, being far from the rest of my family and also more recently lockdown. I guess I wanted peace for myself,  for my mind rather than being frazzled. Not having to be on edge as a default mode of being.  So here I share a few things that work for me, it may not work for you but it may spark more ideas of things you can do.

  • Building a gratitude practice

This is something I started doing over 6 months ago. I have a notebook on my bedside table and every night, I write 3 things I am grateful for that day – it can be small or big things. Write it anyway, make it part of your bedtime routine. And feel free to review the next morning while setting your intention for the day. For me, this helps me build momentum, and I think about it during the day if I am a little out of breadth ( or I feel frazzle coming up!)

  • Go back to a Happy Place

When holidays are a distant memory or when sometimes it feels like like it is all too much with all the lockdowns, routines, emotions and to-do list to think about, when times are stressful and we don’t know what to do with the whirlpool of things twirling in our heads…. So when my brain overworks, I want to be in a happy place (if not physically, at least mentally) to find some sanity, peace and grounding on tap…

Happy places can be places you are in, where you have been or memories of happy moments.

And it is probably different for all of us as we have our own personalities.  I love water and nature. I love the feeling of the sun and a light breeze on my face. I love the beauty of a sky with clouds and rays of sunshine coming to through. I love majestic trees and standing under one looking at the leaves and branches moving in the wind with their distinctive swishing sound. But a happy place can also be a memory of a special moment or looking through a photo album. Maybe a family gathering where everything seemed to fall into place: the people you were with, the food you shared, the laughter, the place you were. All these memories you cherish and wish to live again.

In any case, just going back there mentally can feel you with warmth and maybe the thought of it will make you smile …Close your eyes, imagine you are there using all your senses – smell, noises, what it looks like…

  • Breathing

This is my sanity on tap – Count 7 breathing in / 11 breathing out – at least 5 to 10 times in a row (or more until you feel calm and at Peace ) – morning / lunch time and bedtime, whenever you need it. This technique is my go to technique whenever I sense something coming up for me – anger brewing, sadness – this is a way for me to help process emotions coming up ( there are more ways to deal with emotions – we can talk about that in another blog!)

  • Nature and spiritual practice

Feeling connected to something bigger than you, being in awe of things around you in Nature or seeing Beauty wherever it is – when this happens for you really pay attention and be present – fully present and ground yourself in that moment  – the beauty, the connection, the grandeur can bring peace and calm. Practice, notice, acknowledge the moment ( and maybe write it in your gratitude journal :-))

There are many other ways think about when was the last tike you felt at peace – listening to a piece of Music you really enjoy or playing an instrument – find your ways of bringing more peace in your life.

PEACE out!

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