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When you make it happen can help you be at your best and lead the life you want.

When to start a coaching journey?

Whether you are stuck in your current job, need to think about what drives you now in this time of your life or how to gain the balance that works for you. We can help….
We use different techniques to help your mindset, planning and goals setting and self-care and will tailor our approach to your need and learning style. 

Where you are now?

  • You give it your all – all the time, work, the children and the rest. You love it and yet you feel depleted. Life can be like a whirlwind and you are not quite sure how to stop it.
  • Days feel so short, you are coping but you are not taking care of yourself as you should and you know it – you do not feel like you are giving your best.
  • You also want to give your best at work  but you are not sure if you are in the right job or organisation.
  • You know you want some time for you but being able to express what you need is not always easy and you are sometimes as a loss as to what would work and give you the space to recover every day not just when you hit a brick wall.

Where do you want to be?

  • You are longing for the day where everything will be easier, when you will know how to manage your energy,
  • When everyone will understand you need the space and time just for you because you can express what to need at home and at work.
  • You cannot wait to feel the difference in your head and your body, to be aligned with who you are, know what you need and how to express it.
  • Let us help you through the process in your journey to a confident you who recognise the choices you want to make for your future.

Your coach

I am Gwen Deloux, the lead coach at When you make it happen. My coaching approach has been described as supportive, inquisitive, enthusiastic, allowing to create a safe space to think through challenges, share emotions and achieve goals.

I believe everyone has the resources to realise their potential. I champion my clients on their journey. I am pragmatic and will help shape strategies to implement the changes my client aims to see.

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Our Coaching programmes are designed with your needs in mind -  please do talk about that looks like for you or your team.


My coach helped me reach my goals in a very comfortable and pleasant way. She has a flexible approach, is resourceful and never judgemental.

Paola, Tax Advisor

I really enjoyed being coached by Gwen, and in true great coaching style I came up with loads of ideas and actions myself without it feeling like hard work. Hard to pinpoint what Gwen did to facilitate that, but whatever it was, it worked! Thank you 🙂

Tara, HR manager, United Kingdom

I gained clarity, self confidence and I can put words to my feelings. I like that I could speak freely in a kind environment where I was listened to.

Caroline, Sustainability Expert

Gwen recognizes people's needs and feelings, is naturally compassionate and supportive, but what I love the most about her is her great balance between creativity and practicality, which helps you to find a solution to any problem. She gently guides people to do their best and open themselves to different possibilities. She is very respectful and always know where the fine line is in a certain situation. She is a wonderful communicator, great listener and exceptionally trustworthy. People feel her grounding and emotional intelligence. Always competent and well prepared, punctual and with a smile.

Katia, Events manager, United Kingdom

Gwen really helped me think through what I need to do and I outlined a good action plan that I can start working on immediately.

Tori, Customer Manager, United Kingdom


A great experience. I wish I had started coaching sessions sooner. Gwen was very empathetic, and I could come up with concrete solutions to my problems. The tangled thoughts in my head have vanished to make place for concrete action plans.

Marion, Human Ressources, United Kingdom



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List any common questions you get about your services here.

How long does the coaching last?

I recommend coaching to last for 3 to 6 months depending on what you want to work on, so you can think through the challenge and start implementing any changes that are needed.

What kind of coach are you?

I believe life is too short to be in a career that does not suit you or is not aligned to what you want and need, so I help people in finding the career they want, learn to lead with their style and strengths and also know how to take care of themselves in the process.

How much does coaching cost?

Our 4 months Program starts from about £800 for a 4 months program, but do check our resources page for online courses, free resources and other programs.

Who do you coach?

As part of individual coaching I offer, I coach professional women and men who are stuck or want to get to the next level of their career in a way that’s aligned with their values, strengths and the life stage they are at.

How do I know I need coaching?

If you feel stuck and are not sure what to do, starting to talk to a coach is a great way to detangle your thoughts and gain clarity. You also need to be ready to rediscover yourself, your needs and what needs changing. Maybe you already know that something needs to change but have not started to have that conversation yet… Then it is time.

How long does a coaching session last?

Our coaching session are 1h to 1.5h so we can go through what is on your mind and go deep to help you the best possible way.