This week I want to share some resources I have found to be more conscious about the impact of what we do on the planet.

Why does it matter to me? It became clear to me I wanted to change something and get involve in choosing and changing the future as I was doing a visualisation exercise in a women leadership conference about 1 year and a half ago. When asked to think about my legacy 7 generations from now,  I could not picture anything – nothing at all. No living creatures. No animals. No humans. It struck me and the experience has stayed with me and is leading me to think about what I can change and what I can control.  This is a journey and it does feel like work in progress with ups and down…

So here I am sharing a few things I have come across that are helping me. Take what you need. Stay curious. Give it a try.

  • Where to start to know more?

This depends on what you prefer, you can read, watch or listen to various material.

Read: there are various books you can read but The future we choose and Who cares wins are two of my favourites. Resources and things to do with a blend of optimism.

Watch any of the videos from the TED Countdown event. One of my favourite talk here.

Get into action:  finding what to do is not always easy – where to start: here is a great website to give you some ideas with steps you can start taking to change what you do.

  • Emotions and climate

Anger, Denial, sadness, feeling overwhelmed and stuck or feeling like you are grieving. These are completely normal emotions to go through when it comes to climate. This is BIG and emotions match that. The 1st step is to acknowledge the emotions as they are. Present and raw.

What to do when these hit you?

  • Acknowledging the emotions are there and making space for them is something you need to do. Bottling them up is not the answer as they will come back stronger. I mentioned some tips already in this post about emotions that can help.
  • Write a gratitude journal – every evening write down 2-3 things you are grateful for
  • Seek positive news: List positive news, stop scrolling on social media and generally unplug.
  • TALK it out: Talk to your coach or a health professional if this is too much for you. This is not only because I am writing this during a pandemic that I would recommend that. This is always the right thing to do – Talking it out
  • Supercharge your self-care routine. Like in any stress situation, realising what you need to help you relax and recover is important.

If you need help – get in touch – Book your free 30 mins possibility session here or get in touch at

Want some help to recognise what brings stress in you and what to do? – Download the free emergency self-care help sheet here and do the exercises to help you manage your own stress.