What a week…  (this is written on the 9th January 2021!)

When I thought about New Year over a week ago, I thought about writing something a bit different to what I am finding myself writing now.

What a whirlwind! After a restful Christmas break, I was feeling ready to take on the world, building a to-do and to-be* list for what I wanted my focus to be as we were starting the new year. I knew there would be challenges, the pandemic is still there, “physical” school would have to be postponed for my children, I have family and friends in another country and I can’t see the ones that live close to me either…

And then more lockdown, riots, witnessing people blaming and shaming but never claiming their actions or saying sorry for what they have done wrong…

  • New Year Focus

So I ended up thinking about how in 2021, I can be me in the best possible way, what do I control and what I will let go off. I will always have to do things as life goes on but how I am in all this, how I show up, how I use what I have learnt through 2020 is up to me…

This drove me to think about where my focus lies and what really matters to me:

  • I want to be driven by action but never at the expense of
    • the balance I seek in my life ( including my self-care) or
    • how sustainable it is (whether it is sustainable for my own sanity & wellbeing or for the world I live in and I want my children to live in)
  • I want to express my values and what I need to the people dear to me and at work and why it matters to me.

This is what I am striving for. Will all this be easy? Nope. As I know being thrown off balance is part of the deal but I want to remember what I need to stay true to what I believe. I need and want to show up as who I am (with all my flaws!) and not what other people want me to be.

  • So what about you? What are your intentions for 2021?

Who will you be in 2021?

In any case – take care of yourself and stay safe.