Small actions or grand gesture?

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Leadership, Mindset

As it is February and Valentine’s day was a couple of weeks back, it got me thinking about small actions and grand gestures…

Not just in the context of love for a partner but in the context of habits and changes we want to implement in general…

For example

What would work best if you are building trust in an organisation?

What would work for you if you are thinking about stepping up your leadership / skills?

What would be appropriate if you think about your own energy on a daily, monthly basis?

– Little steps or big leaps?

– A bit of both depending on the context?

– Or having an arsenal of tools depending on the occasion

How to start if you are thinking about all this? Here are a few tips:

– Think about what you are trying to achieve or do – so you are framing the challenge at hand

– Map what you could do: it could be a list or a mind map depending on how you brainstorm best

– Who or what do you need as support to help you along the way

– Then think about how often will you action something – maybe try a few things to see how they land with you and the people involved or you could ask them what they want to try.

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