Team Coaching

When you make it happen can help you and your team be at their best and deliver the impact you want.

Where to start when doing Team coaching?

You want to increase the impact of the work your team does but it sometimes feels like a race to deliver the short term goals at the expense of the long term vision.

It seems like it is about managing the time you have together and individually to do the work as well as having impactful connections within your organisation to deliver the immediate goals and the bigger picture.

Clarify Purpose

Feel the difference in your day’s work when the purpose you are aiming for is clear.

Solid relationships & processes

Ensure relationships in the team are cemented by trust and clear work processes.

Manage expectations

Key stakeholders expectations are heard and managed.

Nowadays, it also feels like everything is changing so rapidly what worked yesterday doesn’t work anymore and it can feel exhausting.

With team coaching, our coaches can stay with you throughout the process and help you in your journey to alignment of your team purpose and delivery of the impact you want for your team and the organisation you are part of.

Why work with us?

We believe in tailored coaching based on you and what you and your team want to achieve. We help facilitate you getting to the goals you have set.

Whatever your location, we coach face to face if you are in London and via Zoom if we can’t meet in person. We partner with coaches internationally.


My coach helped me reach my goals in a very comfortable and pleasant way. She has a flexible approach, is resourceful and never judgemental.

Paola, Tax Advisor

I really enjoyed being coached by Gwen, and in true great coaching style I came up with loads of ideas and actions myself without it feeling like hard work. Hard to pinpoint what Gwen did to facilitate that, but whatever it was, it worked! Thank you 🙂

Tara, HR manager, United Kingdom

I gained clarity, self confidence and I can put words to my feelings. I like that I could speak freely in a kind environment where I was listened to.

Caroline, Sustainability Expert

Gwen recognizes people's needs and feelings, is naturally compassionate and supportive, but what I love the most about her is her great balance between creativity and practicality, which helps you to find a solution to any problem. She gently guides people to do their best and open themselves to different possibilities. She is very respectful and always know where the fine line is in a certain situation. She is a wonderful communicator, great listener and exceptionally trustworthy. People feel her grounding and emotional intelligence. Always competent and well prepared, punctual and with a smile.

Katia, Events manager, United Kingdom

Gwen really helped me think through what I need to do and I outlined a good action plan that I can start working on immediately.

Tori, Customer Manager, United Kingdom


A great experience. I wish I had started coaching sessions sooner. Gwen was very empathetic, and I could come up with concrete solutions to my problems. The tangled thoughts in my head have vanished to make place for concrete action plans.

Marion, Human Ressources, United Kingdom



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